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Value Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. (VHPL) is a Restaurant Consultancy and Set-Up Consulting Company in India . We specialize in Setting Up of Restaurants,Lounge Bars,Cafe's, Fine Dines and All types of Projects. 
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Written by Gopal Kamath on Oct. 17th 2017
Which is the safest business on earth I would like to say because you have got to eat? And this brings a lot of fulfillment, joy and is one of the best businesses that I have ever seen. 
So welcome to this Blog of Value Hospitality and how to open a successful, profitable, stable money guzzling Machine in 4 months
Written by Gopal Kamath on Nov. 10th 2017
Okay so now you must be wondering if Restaurant Business has got such a high profit margin, what happens to all the wastage. Because the food is cooked, the food is consumed; some of the times the guests don’t come in, the food is not consumed. 
Despite of all the wastages and all the negativities which technically a restaurant has, I would still consider this business as one of the most profitable businesses because you are getting into a business.......
Written by Gopal Kamath on Nov. 15th 2017
Where should be the Location - Now where to locate and who to target depends on your restaurant concept as well as available locations!
Earlier, maybe around 10/15 years back, it was a very famous mantra which during my DAD days when I was working in my own dad’s
Written by Gopal Kamath on Nov. 15th 2017
How to Open Your Own Restaurant :Opening a restaurant is a daunting tasks if you really don’t know how ! You can commit a lot of errors which can cost you a lot of money and precious time.Here are 5 things you need to know to successfully open your own restaurant.
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